Friday, 6 March 2015

Fashion Of jumper

Basic fashion of Sweaters

Round and V neck Sweaters
Crew and V-neck jumpers
Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite clothing and that is: The Jumper (or Sweaters)

I am a real big fan of this because of two reasons i.e.

(i) They are essentially season less So you can use it at any time of the year and obviously you will look amazing.
(ii) No matter which body type you have, it always give you a better look.

You have also a lot of choices when it comes to your jumpers too. In the summer, material are cotton and wool in the winter.
Because it is pointed at fashion beginners, so I am only telling about Full sleeved sweaters fashion 

The sweaters I am talking about appear either in a crew neck or V-neck.
If you would like to show your tie then V-neck is best choice for you. Round-necks are also best for being worn with a shirt or by themselves.

Similarly, when it comes to color, your personal preference is important and always keep in mind what colors are you already in your wardrobe because you cannot make pair with most colors already you have.
Try to go for one black v-neck to wear with a shirt and tie.  In the season of Summer you can try lighter pastel shades in pink, greens, sky blue, and yellows because they always look great in the sun of Summer and can be applied within the French Riviera look that is a biggest Summer/Spring trend each year.

Some Basic Fashions Of Jumpers:

As Usual, here are some basic ideas for How to wear:
  • Try to combine neutral V-neck jumper in navy, grey, brown or black with a burst of color by putting on a colored round neck T shirt beneath it. Try out greens, reds and purples and see which ones you like. Then try to pair them with dark jeans and your best pair of shoes.
  • For a relaxed formal approach, use a medium grey round neck sweater with a white shirt.

After all, here are some pictures of Basic fashion of Crew and V-neck. 
Jumper fashion with T-shirt
Jumper fashion with T-shirt

Sweater fashion with color T-shirt
Jumper with color T-shirt

Blue Jumper
Best Jumper fashion

Shirt fashion beneath Sweater
Jumper fashion with Plain Shirt
Red jumper
Red sweater fashion

Try these fashions to make your look best.