Thursday, 26 February 2015

Men's new and latest Fashion for beginners.

    It's All about fit

But before we begin talking about clothes lets talk about something that most guys either do really good or really bad; the way their clothes fit them. Whether it’s your shirt, your suit, your tees or even your jeans.

We all understand the kind of guy I’m telling about. The one who alike he’s borrowed his dress from his dad. Or the one who alike his shrunk in the wash. Whereas after all it’s not just broad guys that have this issue, even thin guys can hurt from ‘paint on’ their  jeans syndrome.

But how can you say if your dress don’t fit you precisely? Well, hopefully in many cases you’ll know when it alike you’re wearing a tent. But, here are a few sharp pointers on what to appear for in some of your dresses: –

Jeans (Waist Size)

 Jeans are actually hard to find the best fit. It is all around body type and your  preference. Some guys like an actually skinny fit because it is role of their “look” while other’s like the luxury fit look. However  waist of yours should always fit, means the jeans must sit around your waist precisely with just a small give (to pull them on or off comfortably), and you should  require a few notches tightening on your belt.  If you are  in doubt as a beginner then I would recommend  you a straight leg or slim fit  jeans as they are very comfort and can be dressed with multiple footwear.
You can oversize your jeans  to give you that looser effect, but it should not be up enhanced than one waist size as you will affected where you have to close your belt so sealed that it clumps the top of jeans together, causes the material to double and just look unsettled.


 stretch marks in circumference the buttons or the chest, swelling of fabrics around your waist and sides (it should be a  line straight from armpit downwards), cuffs should close at dip in your wrist from  where your thumb begins.


The most important one here is if you give rise to your arms above your head  ‘Vitruvian Man’ style more than half an inch of your stomach peeping out is there. Or the material begins bunching and bending back in awkward places i.e. else than where your joints are.