Friday, 27 February 2015

T-Shirt Fashion for men

With my first article on fit out the way, now it is time to acquire stuck into the  introductory clothing that every guy wants. I decided  that  Tee  shirts  would be a best  place to begin because they  are something  we  all should be  well-known  with. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me clarify that I am talking  about  T-shirts, NOT  undershirts. Undershirt  is never to have on  without a shirt, ever. If you do this, it is  like showing the world your bad laundry – ‘hey, have a  look at me having on  clothes designed  to collect dirt, great right?’. No, never.

Basic T-Shirts

Here is a rapid rundown of the varieties of T-shirts available to you: –

·Crew/Round Neck:-

.these are the ones that have round collars & are probably what most guys out there are used to wearing. They are best at being as undershirt

·V-neck :-

very popular now-a-days. As we are talking about beginner in fashion so try not to go for any shirt that has an very deep V-neck, more than a pair of inches and you are pushing it. They are superb because they show a little of your neck; making you feel more comfort. A blue, black, white and grey V-neck are classic items that you should have.

T-Shirt Techniques

Now obviously, depending on your mood or style of casual attire, there are many ways you utilize your T-shirts. E.g. You could use your T-shirt as your anchor or base for the outfit, which would mean using your simple tee layered under a statement piece (check shirt/blazer).
Here are just a few things you can try out with your Tees:

1- When using a your tee as a base for the outfit layer it with a statement item. 

A best trend now a days is worker wear so try a plaid shirt in a red or bold blue – Look how Zac Efron give that relaxed casual look in the below picture by pairing a nice bold check shirt left open with a white tee. Or perhaps you’d pick out a striped shirt in same colors? You can then combined this modest look with some vigorous grey jeans and if you want to actually get into advanced layering try navy blazer with these combination.  If you never tag the top or bottom buttons of shirts then try a V-neck or alternatively.

2- Fashion can be simple!

 Just  Look at Brian Austin Green and Justin Timberlake in the below picture. You CAN  have on a simple tee with some smart jeans and create a best outfit as long as they FIT accurately. This goes to reveal how easily fit can break or make an outfit, as if these tees were oversized then these would look disturbed.

Finally, when it does begin to get a bit hot, layering with more styles of tees is cool too. Round neck beneath a V neck and V neck below a Granddad, Crew neck under crew neck, who cares?  have fun with it! That contain the colors as well.

These are some basic fashion tips about t-shirts .