Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Basic Jeans Fashion

Jeans are very important. They can be used to dress up or dress down just about outfit. They are of various types and when done accurately, you should only have to purchase two or three of the good pairs for long time. The more you have on them, the more best and fit they look. You can have on them with your own choice, either with loads of pockets or with not at all with a belt or not. Basically however you want then they will always satisfy you well.

However, there're some ground rules we should care:

  • Make sure that your jeans should fit your hips ( to know about fit, see my article Its all about fit)
  • Purchase them in neautral or natural colors (like blues, black, greys)
  • The distressed jeans are very popular now-a-days, so you can try it to beatify your look.

Some Basic Types Of Jeans:

There are four basic types of jeans you can choose and each one gives your outfit a different look when you wear them. Over last five years we have had many different variety of jeans come onto market ( like twisted, drop crotch, carrot cut etc) But here we discuss about major four types of jeans:

Relaxed: This means more excess material and a looser fit and a slihgtly baggier look. Useful for a more laid back/casusal outfit with trainers and T-shirts.

Bootcut: My personal opinion is that there's a good move away from these occuring now-a-days. However if you don't like that style but still like your chunky boots or you have a kind of legs that become wider as they go down then these might be style you needed. But be careful, if they begin to remind you even a small bid of flares, don't purchase them.

Straight: Probably the best choice for boys at the moment. Obviously, I am not suggesting you to go out and purchase all variety of these in different colors but it does give you an idea of what is out there. The all things you should do is that sit down and think about what type of jeans person you are.
   If you are the kind of boys who wears jeans in more formal occasions or on a night one too, then you will obviously need a jeans that are good for those settings. What I would recommend that every guy needs a good pairs of straight blue jeans.

Skinny: Nearly always named something different like slim, tailored or tapered etc.
If it is done right and combined accurately with other items, then it is best option for you.
If you prefer a tailor to approach to your clothes, it could be for you.

Some Basic Jeans Tips: 

As usual here are some best tips for jeans persons

  • Taking inspiration from my article on Tees, It is good that a relaxed fit light to dark blue jeans paired with crew neck or V-neck you should have in greys, whites or blacks is an best casual look.
  • For a night out try to pair some white shirt with dark raw denim jeans, grey or black fitted waistcoat and a plaid tie. This is on your choice that a buttons of waistcoat beacome open or close. Just keep your jeans clean and fitted and be carefel about your shoes.
  •  For the black or grey jeans, try to use them as a base item for plaid shirt.

But keep this in mind that these are just the tip of iceburg, try them with your favorite shirts, waistcoats, blazers, overcoats, jackets and shoes. Do experiment and see what looks you best.

Some Basic Examples Of Jeans:

It is not possible for me to show you all varities of jeans because there are many much varities of jeans available in markets, so here are few examples about jeans for beginners.

Blue look rolex men denim shirt light
Blue look rolex men denim shirt light 

Hoodie and denim shirt and overcoat
Hoodie and denim shirt and overcoat

sports coat and jeans
Sports coat and jeans look

White round neck and denim light shirt
White crew neck and denim light shirt
Try these tips and make best your jeans look best.