Thursday, 5 March 2015

Basic Trousers fashion for beginners

Basic trousers and chinos fashion:

So from our article on jeans (Basic jeans fashion), I have an idea about to write trousers/chinos. I myself have started to make move away from standard jeans and favoring trousers and chinos for my days not spent in standard suit.

As I said, the main purpose to buy them is to add different dimension to your outfits, but don't neglect the fact that these are more comfortable and relax than jeans. Especially, in Summer seasons, these are the best option than jeans. It is the fact that they are extremely versatile and stylish .

Last year it is one of biggest trend in Summer/Spring seasons.

Personally, my suggestion to every guy that they should grab them a pair of classic beige/camel colored chinos. You can try white V-neck T-shirt to a blue shirt and grey V-neck jumper, even with a black hoody and grey tee. The next step you can try a navy or light to mid blue pair. A black pair normally looks formal, but they make a best alternative to black jeans and that will go best with your graphic T-shirts and bold plaid T-shirts.

You can try different varieties of trousers and take experiments to see what looks you good and how you should wear them. But I will say that nothing can beat the paired down look of well fitting white oxford shirt with some colored chinos and brown loafers. 

Buy some good pair of trousers which make your looks amazing.
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