Saturday, 28 February 2015

Basic Full-sleeved T-shirts Fashions

From our last article on T-shirts we can realize how tees are important items for man’s wardrobe, I guessed I would expand on that topic a little more and widen our horizons into the globe of T-shirts that have long-sleeves. Now there are quite a large number of them about on the main street at the time with the coming of winter/autumn making them good for layering as an anchor for your outfit.

As like to Tees, the full sleeved variety come in V- neck and round neck styles and an innumerable colors to fit. A big trend at this time is the ribbed versions. On other hand, with the style of Henley (Y-style neck with open button) thick-knit jumpers and Tees making a great impact on most designer’s winter and autumn collections, long-sleeved T-shirts have appeared to turn more of a focal point for outfits or can be wear singularly.
I have in fact bought a charcoal grey and black striped and think it’s amazing. When it comes to the Henley versions I’d say you’d seek to go for some kind of elaborating like patterns or stripes.

Best Tips

As usual, here are some best ways of using full-sleeve T-shirts in outfits:


The most provable one here is layered look and you have got two suggestion. First would be a black or white round neck and try a patterned style of Henley one over the top. Try with dark-wash jeans, blazers, chinos, beanies, gloves, scarves, anything you just want.
Or go with a boldly colored one in a plum purple, sky blue or a brown over a neutral one (which you’ve hopefully remembered is either grey, white, navy or black) and mix up the style of V-neck and crew.


 Try pairing it with a Polo Shirt or even a T-Shirt over the top. Kind of the like as what’s been said however think about getting a graphic Tees included giving the look more of a skater / grungy vibe to it. Go with a more comfort jeans in a lighter wash (but not those baggy jean shorts from past) and some Vans sneakers to round it off.


 Barter them for the Tees that you use for your casual shirts as the base layer . Either maintain it simple with a black or white crew neck or choose one that will show or co-ordinate with a color already in your shirt. E.g. with a black and red plaid shirt cerebrate about keeping it in the red class and go with a brownish-red long sleeve. But think back to roll up the shirt sleeves a slight bit to demonstrate more of layer underneath it.


 Apply a full sleeve t-shirt nether a statement short coat on its own. This appearance can work with neutral colors with something like a military coat or mac to give a really chic and clean look. Instead you can apply a thick statement full sleeve t-shirt nether something like a gilet to show off the longer arms.


 Don’t try too hard. Full sleeve t-shirts can essentially be applied just like a normal half sleeved version worn on, nether a hoody, nether a check shirt or statement jacket or with a good piece of knitwear.

Just beginning guys can try these basic fashions and make their look best among their friends and family.

Basic Full-sleeved T-shirts
Some Full-sleeved T-shirts Fashion

Friday, 27 February 2015

T-Shirt Fashion for men

With my first article on fit out the way, now it is time to acquire stuck into the  introductory clothing that every guy wants. I decided  that  Tee  shirts  would be a best  place to begin because they  are something  we  all should be  well-known  with. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me clarify that I am talking  about  T-shirts, NOT  undershirts. Undershirt  is never to have on  without a shirt, ever. If you do this, it is  like showing the world your bad laundry – ‘hey, have a  look at me having on  clothes designed  to collect dirt, great right?’. No, never.

Basic T-Shirts

Here is a rapid rundown of the varieties of T-shirts available to you: –

·Crew/Round Neck:-

.these are the ones that have round collars & are probably what most guys out there are used to wearing. They are best at being as undershirt

·V-neck :-

very popular now-a-days. As we are talking about beginner in fashion so try not to go for any shirt that has an very deep V-neck, more than a pair of inches and you are pushing it. They are superb because they show a little of your neck; making you feel more comfort. A blue, black, white and grey V-neck are classic items that you should have.

T-Shirt Techniques

Now obviously, depending on your mood or style of casual attire, there are many ways you utilize your T-shirts. E.g. You could use your T-shirt as your anchor or base for the outfit, which would mean using your simple tee layered under a statement piece (check shirt/blazer).
Here are just a few things you can try out with your Tees:

1- When using a your tee as a base for the outfit layer it with a statement item. 

A best trend now a days is worker wear so try a plaid shirt in a red or bold blue – Look how Zac Efron give that relaxed casual look in the below picture by pairing a nice bold check shirt left open with a white tee. Or perhaps you’d pick out a striped shirt in same colors? You can then combined this modest look with some vigorous grey jeans and if you want to actually get into advanced layering try navy blazer with these combination.  If you never tag the top or bottom buttons of shirts then try a V-neck or alternatively.

2- Fashion can be simple!

 Just  Look at Brian Austin Green and Justin Timberlake in the below picture. You CAN  have on a simple tee with some smart jeans and create a best outfit as long as they FIT accurately. This goes to reveal how easily fit can break or make an outfit, as if these tees were oversized then these would look disturbed.

Finally, when it does begin to get a bit hot, layering with more styles of tees is cool too. Round neck beneath a V neck and V neck below a Granddad, Crew neck under crew neck, who cares?  have fun with it! That contain the colors as well.

These are some basic fashion tips about t-shirts .

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Men's new and latest Fashion for beginners.

    It's All about fit

But before we begin talking about clothes lets talk about something that most guys either do really good or really bad; the way their clothes fit them. Whether it’s your shirt, your suit, your tees or even your jeans.

We all understand the kind of guy I’m telling about. The one who alike he’s borrowed his dress from his dad. Or the one who alike his shrunk in the wash. Whereas after all it’s not just broad guys that have this issue, even thin guys can hurt from ‘paint on’ their  jeans syndrome.

But how can you say if your dress don’t fit you precisely? Well, hopefully in many cases you’ll know when it alike you’re wearing a tent. But, here are a few sharp pointers on what to appear for in some of your dresses: –

Jeans (Waist Size)

 Jeans are actually hard to find the best fit. It is all around body type and your  preference. Some guys like an actually skinny fit because it is role of their “look” while other’s like the luxury fit look. However  waist of yours should always fit, means the jeans must sit around your waist precisely with just a small give (to pull them on or off comfortably), and you should  require a few notches tightening on your belt.  If you are  in doubt as a beginner then I would recommend  you a straight leg or slim fit  jeans as they are very comfort and can be dressed with multiple footwear.
You can oversize your jeans  to give you that looser effect, but it should not be up enhanced than one waist size as you will affected where you have to close your belt so sealed that it clumps the top of jeans together, causes the material to double and just look unsettled.


 stretch marks in circumference the buttons or the chest, swelling of fabrics around your waist and sides (it should be a  line straight from armpit downwards), cuffs should close at dip in your wrist from  where your thumb begins.


The most important one here is if you give rise to your arms above your head  ‘Vitruvian Man’ style more than half an inch of your stomach peeping out is there. Or the material begins bunching and bending back in awkward places i.e. else than where your joints are.